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Partner Roles and Responsibilities 


 This posting sets out to introduce methodologies for a firm to follow in order first to clarify what the firm expects of its partners and then to define what roles and responsibilities it needs them to perform.  Partners equally need to be clear how they are to discharge their various roles as owners, managers, design and marketing partners.

 In general, as the firm continues to grow, partners will need steadily to become managers of others as their main activity; they will need to reduce the time spent on files and matters, and to increase aspects such as delegation and supervision.  In addition they will need to build capability and competence in four or five key areas. 


Understanding the ‘Critical Areas of Performance’ in which partners need to contribute

 There are five typical ‘Critical Areas of Performance. These are: 

Business Development 

 • Contributions in general to build for the firm’s future  by targeting better clients and better work.

 • Achieving sustained value by originating (or playing a key part in originating) clients of the firm.

 • Developing the firm’s client base to become and remain highly competitive.

 • Cross-selling and introducing clients and referrers to others in the firm.

 • Building marketing visions and strategies which are long-term, compelling and market-focused.

 • Building the firm’s brand, reputation and profile.

 • Performing an ambassadorial role to assist in the building of networks and profile. 


Client Relationship Management 

 • Nurturing our client base.

 • Fulfilling the on-going requirement to deliver excellent service to clients in the context of their particular needs.

 • Working to produce new solutions which create value to the clients.

 • Consistently providing streamlined cost-effective services.

 • Effectively building, developing and maintaining strong client relationships. 

Contribution to the Firm as an Institution

 Knowledge Management and Solutions including –

 • Taking responsibility in an effective manner for the management of the firm, its various management functions (eg marketing, design and management), its departments and its sub-groups.

 • Contributing creatively to the strategic planning of the firm and its implementation.

 • Contributing to the building of the firm’s Intellectual Property including precedents, templates, case management, workflows and portfolio.

 • Assisting in the development of leading edge Knowledge Management and high level technical know-how

 • Demonstrating though her/his actions and the actions of the team compliance with the firm’s policies and procedures including regulatory compliance and good practice in relation to the firm’s own policies on disbursements, bad debts and client care.

 • Actively helping build the firm’s processes and systems which contribute to the firm’s  ability to grow its business including quality control/improvement, governance and management structure.

 • Contributing to the development of a homogeneous culture and esprit de corps.

 • Demonstrating the visions and values of the firm by example rather than in words alone. 


Self-Development and Self-Leadership 


 • Evidencing continued development and commitment to developing competence and skills and challenging oneself to expand personal comfort zones.

 • Acquiring new expertise and skills valuable to the firm.

 • As a role model, demonstrating confidence and self belief, consistently acting with integrity and naturally trusted by others.

 • Providing an example of being self-initiating, self starting, self learning, committed and engaged.

 • Displaying the ability to pursue goals with a deep sense of purpose and direction. 


Financial and Business Performance

 Including the manner in which each partner discharges his or her responsibility for managing the business and financial aspects of the Team/Department/Division for which he or she is responsible – 


 • Achieving superior financial performance;

 • Maintaining good financial disciplines;

 • Working hard and demonstrating long term engagement and commitment.




Typical Roles of Partners 


Senior Partner

Purpose and Objectives 


 • To develop the Firm’s Profile and its reputation in its chosen markets

 • To facilitate effective inter-Partner relationships

 • To lead and support the Managing Partner or Chief Executive in the management of the Firm

Managing Partner 

 Whether the role is full-time or part-time, the individual who is responsible for leading the firm as Managing Partner needs some clarity about his or her job description and the authority delegated to him or her. 


Purpose and Objectives of Managing Partner 


 • To be responsible for the economic performance of the firm

 • To lead the Partnership in establishing a clear vision and strategy for the Firm

 • To establish and maintain forward-looking, efficient and effective management of the Firm 


Junior Partner

 You  are not required to contribute capital to the partnership.

Purpose and Objectives

 •  Embrace and deliver against client briefs for design projects as allocated to you by studio seniors and account team.

 • Actively contribute to conceptual thinking, brainstorms, pitch work and discussions around best practice to help ensure innovation and evolution.

 • Collaborate across the agency to ensure 5th Brand’s high standards of creativity are consistent through the design process from concept to delivery.

 • Follow own client-selected concepts, where applicable, through to final piece and/or collaborating with senior colleagues to ensure best possible finish.

 • Frequent communication with senior team members to receive and act accordingly on feedback and direction.

 • Liaise effectively and empathically with clients and all other team members with the intention of delivering solutions to creative challenges.

 • Deliver projects on time and on budget.

 • Be commercially aware and mindful of time spent vs profitability. 


Strategic Partner

 Purpose and Objectives

 • Help you to grow the firm by enabling us to offer customers additional products or services. By working in partnership with a product development company, ncrease the range of products you offer. 

 • Allows the firm to offer a wider range of after-sales services to our customers by delivers the service on our behalf.



 Required skills and attributes for all partners: 


 • Essential: highly skilled and experienced in Adobe Creative Suite.

 • Positive creative energy and a willingness to learn.

 • Understand and deliver against the commercial and creative needs of the client, whilst also offering original creative alternatives that challenge preconceptions and enable 5th Brand to continue to be at the forefront of innovative design!

 • Ability to multi-task and manage multiple briefs to tight deadlines.

 • Meticulous attention to detail.

• High EQ, respectful and diplomatic team-player. Comfortable working in a team with a collaborative, constructive and pro-active approach.

 • Strong verbal and written communication skills with a creative and solution-oriented sensibility.

 • Excellent organisational and time management skills with the ability to work on several projects at any one time.

 • Problem solving skills and the ability to think quickly and creatively.

 • Willingness to learn, identify and fill any gaps in knowledge and skill-set.

 • A keen interest in and up-to-date knowledge of the creative and multi-media landscape.

 • An active passion for design, marketing solutions and the African culture!